Whether Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft: the big tech companies are certainly among the winners of the pandemic. And GAFAM continued to grow rapidly in revenue and profit in the first quarter of 2021. Microsoft and Google already started the reporting season鈥
COVID-19 unfortunately continues to attract everyone's attention, as vaccinations are progressing, but still far too slowly in Germany. At least I am鈥
YouTube and Reddit are the clear winners of the Corona pandemic among the social networks, according to a fresh US study by Pew: while the other鈥
Finally, an independent scientific study on the NetzDG is available - and confirms the elementary fears that have been voiced by critics for years: the鈥
As if computer science teaching in German schools should work better than the basic analogue education system as a whole! At least this was the hope of鈥
Seriously, shortly before the third wave but also the end of the pandemic - yes, for some it is already unimaginable, but as soon as we are vaccinated鈥
When it comes to the issue of privacy on the internet, people always like to point the finger at social networks and the tech companies behind them鈥
Fascinating how quickly a week goes by, but here is already the 2nd issue of the iCare.report ! It鈥檚 once again about Facebook, but mainly about the new鈥
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